Carolyn Albanese

•  Carolyn's the best personal trainer ever! Super encouraging, she tailors each workout to suit the condition of YOUR body, not her idea of where you SHOULD be!  That's the 'personal' in 'personal trainer'.  By doing this she prevents injuries. She is also an expert in the TRX 'suspension' system, probably the simplest, most effective workout system ever!  -Gary Silberstein, Santa Cruz
    • I have been working out with Carolyn two times per week since I discovered that my body did not need a physical therapist, it needed stretching and strengthening. That was at least 10 years ago! As my personal trainer, Carolyn has provided me personalized workouts with great care and attention to detail. I can't imagine what my body and soul would be like without her attention! I now have the famous "Quads by Carolyn" that allow me to ski to my maximum ability. -Peter Boutell, Santa Cruz
    Carolyn's Fitness and Yoga
    • Carolyn is truly one of those gifted people who have 'found' the right path for her business! She is passionate, knowledgeable, and cares about the health of each of her clients! Having purchased a TRX (straps) after Carolyn used that for my first session, a while back, I went back to Carolyn so she could explain more about how to effectively use this piece of equipment.  In addition to working me through several warm up exercises - she gave me a 3 page document with 20 or so stretches and exercises (accurately drawn with stick people), showing me how to do all of them and what part of the body it was designed for... Being able to rely on a professional like Carolyn is absolutely the best way to achieve your fitness goals! You do not need to flail around, wondering which exercise, machine, fitness equipment, etc... is right for you - Call Carolyn NOW!  You will be on your way to a healthier, better YOU! - Georgianne W., Scotts Valley
    Carolyn's Fitness, Aptos
    • I started working with Carolyn back in 2000 as an enhancement to my core training.  Eventually I switched over to her full-time.  Carolyn has a passion for what she does, but it goes way beyond that, she is gifted. Her knowledge of the workings of the body is complimented by her ability to free up, flex, stretch, heal and enhance, all of this on an individual basis.  I have no disc material L5-S1 and also suffer from Spinal Stenosis yet Carolyn is able to help me build the areas around the lower back as well as my upper body and legs without aggravating my extremely sensitive condition.  You leave feeling curiously energized, not strained.  Enhanced, not worked. Don't let the fact that she's my wife alter your impression of what I am saying about her.  I stand by my comments on her abilities and professionalism and I am living walking proof that she can help anyone, I have the MRI to prove it! If your goals have anything to do with feeling better, improving your flexibility and strengthening your body, Carolyn can help you regardless of your condition.  One more thing; should you have a condition that is better served by a different branch of the field, she will not string you along just to have your check rolling in.  Professional integrity is what she's all about. - Billy 5 Albanese (The Original Dog Whisperer)
    Personal Fitness Training
    • When I started my program with Carolyn, I had my doubts that I could keep it up and get results other than tired muscles.The way that Carolyn starts you off with just the right amount and style of workout that you need and gradually gives you more as you are ready for it is amazing. She will show you how to do the movements and also explain why they are important for the other parts of the body you'll be working next. She is very knowledgeable about the physiology of the body.  I fell better and stronger than I have in many years. Thanks Carolyn!! - Tracy T.
    • Carolyn Albanese is the best personal trainer!  I went for my first session during recovery from a broken heel and she gave me exercises that pushed my foot and my whole body but left me refreshed afterwards instead of sore or tired. She uses her extensive training to do analyze your posture.  She then gives you exercises that help to bring your body into better alignment, showing you step by step so that you receive the fullest benefit from each exercise.  She even stopped to explain HOW a particular exercise would help improve my body function. Carolyn is wonderful! - Miriam J. Santa Cruz
    TRX Training in Santa Cruz
    • I highly recommend Carolyn as a fitness trainer, she has so much amazing training and knowledge and love for what she does.She will cater to your specifics needs and get you the best results.This also can be a lot of fun while you get fit!!!!  -Debra Cady Hair Designer
    • I had a session on the "Straps" with Carolyn yesterday and I am amazed at how thorough and efficient my training session was!  Carolyn is a  knowledgeable trainer with many years of experience and you can tell she really cares about her clients.  My muscles feel pleasantly open and sore at the same time today.  As a competitive beach volleyball player, I know that the strengthening and stretching exercises she taught me will improve my performance and help keep me injury-free.  I can't wait to get in to see her again! -Tamara L., Aptos
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    • ...your magic has once again worked, and I am feeling great and skiing 4-5 hours a day. The runs are really long (in Switzerland), like Sun Valley and I am having fun!-Sue Nerton, Computer Science Professor at Cabrillo College
    • 14 years ago I suffered an injury to the lower left spinal cord, affecting my hamstring and other muscles in the left leg and back. I could scarcely walk more than half a block and I developed scoliosis of the spine. After much physical therapy, several doctors recommended I get into a regular exercise program, suggesting frequent use of my musculature would improve things, whereas doing nothing would only cause me to deteriorate further. I began to work with Carolyn 12 years ago. She started me out with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, gradually increasing the difficulty and number of repetitions as I grew stronger. Within 3 years, I could walk without any perceptible limp. Since then I have continued working with her to improve my back strength and posture. The constant intense pain has diminished to an occasional bout of pain with some residual numbness in the hips and feet. Overall, I am about 85% improved over what was considered to have been a permanent injury. I have a physically active life and career that have not been diminished by my injury. Carolyn’s knowledge of how the body works is amazing. She developed a custom exercise program for me that continually changes to accommodate my progress. While we work out, she is attentive to every subtle movement, always being certain I move correctly in order to strengthen and not injure myself. I have observed many other trainers and have never seen one who pays any where near the careful attention to her client as Carolyn does. I truly believe that if I had not followed her instruction, I would not be walking and working today. As I continue with my program, I can still see improvements to my posture and well being. I cannot recommend her higher for someone who is committed to their health and seeks a partner to assist them in their goal. - Pat, Santa Cruz