Carolyn and Billy Albanese
My work means more to me than just being a trainer; I have an intrinsic love for helping people realize their full potential when it comes to their overall sense of well-being.  My work is my passion in life and I truly enjoy what I do.
I have been promoting fitness and educating clients about the benefits of activity and a healthy lifestyle since 1992. I make fitness fun so it becomes woven into your life naturally.

Carolyn Albanese and Billie
I earned a BS Degree in Physical Education with a minor in Nutrition from San Jose State University in 1992.  Since then I have kept up with the advances and changes to the industry of Personal Training by furthering my education in Functional Development, Neuromuscular Re-education and Yoga. Over the years  I’ve attended numerous conferences and seminars on how to best teach movement to help individuals with their specific fitness needs.

 I started working with Carolyn Albanese back in 2000 as an enhancement to my core training.  Eventually I switched over to her full-time.  Carolyn has a passion for what she does, but it goes way beyond that, she is gifted. Her knowledge of the workings of the body is complimented by her ability to free up, flex, stretch, heal and enhance, all of this on an individual basis.  I have no disc material L5-S1 and also suffer from Spinal Stenosis yet Carolyn is able to help me build the areas around the lower back as well as my upper body and legs without aggravating my extremely sensitive condition.  You leave feeling curiously energized, not strained.  Enhanced, not worked. 

Don't let the fact that she's my wife alter your impression of what I am saying about her.  I stand by my comments on her abilities and professionalism and I am living walking proof that she can help anyone, I have the MRI to prove it! If your goals have anything to do with feeling better, improving your flexibility and strengthening your body, Carolyn can help you regardless of your condition.  One more thing; should you have a condition that is better served by a different branch of the field, she will not string you along just to have your check rolling in.  Professional integrity is what she's all about. - Billy Albanese (The Original Dog Whisperer)